November 22, 2008

Weekend special: Denny Dimwit on the economic crisis

In view of the current economic crisis, Goat Rope has invited a veteran animal commentator to shed light on the situation. Long-time readers will no doubt remember bantam rooster and noted free market economist Dr. Denton "Denny" Dimwit.

Dr. Dimwit is director of the Goat Rope Farm Public Policy Foundation, a fellow at many libertarian and conservative think tanks, and has served as a senior economic advisor to the Bush administration. His credentials are such that we feel very honored to have him as our resident scholar (and are somewhat surprised that he hasn't been hired by WVU).

It is our hope that, by providing space for (bio)diverse viewpoints, we are elevating the level of public discourse and creating a climate of mutual respect and deep listening.


Crudawackadingdong! What's all this stupid crap you've put in this blog lately, anyway? I've picked the seeds out of better piles than this!

All this whining about a recession--get over it! The market knows what it's doing. It always does. It knows everything. And if the market wants to dookie in your dinner bucket, suck it up!

Extending unemployment benefits and regulating the financial industry? No way! Haven't you dingles ever heard of supply and demand? They always balance out--see? And that's good for everybody, even if you're dead.

I can prove it empiroeconomicallistically. Check out the picture. The handsome little guy in the front is me. Pretty sharp, huh? I bet you wish you were more like me--too bad that's not going to happen.

OK, so I represent demand. Now, check out who's in the picture with me. That's right, I'm talking BIG hen. Ginormous. Yowza! She represents supply--and she's with me, bub, got it? That's what I'm talking about. That proves there's no problem. Perfect equilibrium, baby!

That's the beauty of the market. And that's the truth. You bet your cloaca.


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