June 21, 2013

A day late and...

El Cabrero has been running around so much lately that I feel like a road kill in waiting. And the running isn't over yet. A lot of this week was spent on programs celebrating the African American contribution to West Virginia history. Ironically, I didn't make it to the state's official 150th birthday celebration yesterday. Or, to put it another way, I celebrated it by talking with around 200 WV kids about how we could make WV a better place. I guess that would count.

In that vein, here's a reflection on WV history by my editor at the Gazette, Dawn Miller, a great advocate as well as a great journalist and here's an article on one of my favorite WV historians, John Alexander Williams.

ONE FOR THE ROAD. Finally, here's a look at who would benefit by an increase in the minimum wage.

Now, it's once more unto the breach...

June 19, 2013

A little rationality, anyone?

Here's a bit from the Charleston Gazette.

A LITTLE MORE RATIONALITY HERE. Sorry, NRA...well, not really...but most West Virginians agree with Senator Manchin on background checks.

SPEAKING OF SENATOR MANCHIN, some of us will be talking with him today about immigration reform. If nobody else does, I plan to mention this report that it could slash the deficit by billions.

THE FIRST TWO YEARS. Here's an op ed by yours truly on how important the first two years of life are for child development.

LASER TECH finds ancient city in Cambodia.


June 18, 2013

Small change

In lieu of a real blog post, here's...

...a look at great and not so great one liners;

...more on the whole bird/dinosaur thing, a topic I think about frequently when watching the turkeys and peacocks at Goat Rope Farm;

...some good coverage of the events celebrating the African American contribution to WV in the Charleston Daily Mail, including this editorial and this news story;

...and another whack at my perennial favorite target, Ayn Rand-ism.