July 14, 2012

Entertainment in zombie land

El Cabrero is still suffering with some kind of viral thingie that seems to be identical with the symptoms of zombie bite. I haven/t died and started eating people yet but I guess there's still time.

I have found a source of amusement that I have been able to do even with a burning and chilling brain and body: troll on internet news sites. Especially the Charleston Gazette. The Gazette is a progressive paper with a proud history so it is ripe for trolling. In, I'd say most of those who comment are right wing trolls, usually the same few.

As I mentioned earlier, they used to get on my nerves...until I decided to try to out-troll them. Here's my latest effort, which is a comment on this article by Paul Nyden about Senator Jay Rockefeller's recent speech on the future of coal.

Know this if you know nothing else: trolls love coal almost as much as they hate Obama. Here's what I came up with (with a fever of around 102):

Get this: Obama is working with a top secret group of scientists at the EPA to unleash evil cartoon characters on freedom loving Americans. And guess what is the only thing that can stop an evil 'toon? That's right, it's coal. It's all starting to make sense now. Wake up, America!

Even with fever and aching body, trollin' makes me feel good.

Peace out.

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