July 09, 2012

Turkeys meet world

I may have mentioned a while back that we have something on the order of 22 baby turkeys on Goat Rope Farm. They've spent the first few weeks of their lives in a little enclosure.
Now that they're bigger, we decided it was time to let them out in the bigger world. They filed out like a bunch of schoolkids.

Their first action as free birds was to start chowing down on ragweed.

Who would have thought that this plant would turn out to be turkey crack?

THINGS PEOPLE LIKE ABOUT HEALTH CARE REFORM. The problem is, they have to know about it first.

BLACK LUNG never really went away, but now it's back with a vengeance.

THIS PERSON MUST HATE FREEDOM. He's writing about climate change.


1 comment:

hollowdweller said...

We used to have a Bourbon Red that was so aggressive he'd bounce off the window when I was standing at the sink doing dishes.

He wound up being pretty tasty though.