July 15, 2012

Feverish dreams

Sustained high fevers do strange things to the brain. My body has been cooking itself for most of the last week and my dreams are random thoughts are becoming really elaborate.

In fact, one myth/parable/koan came to me in sleep or somewhere between waking and sleep fully formed It went like this:

There is a special rosary or mala (as the Buddhists call them) which has the powers to convey benefits on those who recite prayers or mantras with sincerity. However, the mala will only work its magic if it had the precisely correct number of beads. Any more or less and it would have no effect.
In addition, a charm had been placed on it from the beginning that kept anyone from counting the number of beads. Before one made the full circuit, one would always loose count.
As soon as I confronted this image, it occurred to me that the only thing to do was to use it in all sincerity as if one was certain it was the real thing (provided you didn't neglect ordinary means).. I think it might be this fever's version of Pascal's wager or even a tribute to the placebo effect. Or it could be an uncharacteristic call to faith in the face of doubt.

That's what the virus said anyway.

I'm too busy cooking myself to look for links.

I have, however, managed to continue trolling, which lifts my spirits immensely, about which more later.

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