July 08, 2012

The voice of reason

I have a feeling that the waning days of coal are going to give some folks in El Cabrero's beloved state of West Virginia the chance to show the world just how ugly they can be. And that would be pretty damn.

A case in point is found in the comment section of a recent Gazette editorial on the reality of climate change. The bright side, however, is to be found in the comic parodies of right wing ravings by some making comments.(The sad side is that it's hard to tell the parodies from the sincere comments.)

Here's one comical comment by ProudRight, a master of the form:

These storms and the high temperatures were all the result of our Kenyan born dictator Obama. Global warming is a lie used to attack WV. Coal is who we are. Without coal there won't be any jobs. We need to mine and burn as much coal as possible so we all can keep our high paying coal jobs. Who cares what some tree hugger thinks? I don't believe in this research stuff. Scientists are liars who want us all to go around using big words like we're stuck up. I see them driving around in their Priuses with the Obama stickers. I bet my Ford F150 can out run a Prius any day. Pollution doesn't hurt anyone. We lived next to a power plant and we're fine. They tell us not to eat fish out of the river, but we eat fish we catch all the time and nothings wrong with us.

 Rock on, ProudRight!

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