July 10, 2012

On becoming a troll

People who view news stories online have no doubt come across the right wing comments that are written by  anonymous people who lurk around these sites the way carp hang out at lakeside bait shops. Such people are called trolls in the parlance of our times.

Sometimes reading troll writing can be infuriating. There have been times when I dreamed of challenging this or that one to a no-rules cage match, although I realize such a move would likely do little to advance my status as someone working in a Quaker organization. Sometimes troll lit is just kind of funny in a sad way.

But lately, as I've noted when the occasion arises, some people have joined the fun by parodying trollish comments on the web. I finally decided it you can't beat join em and plan on out-trolling the trolls whenever the opportunity arises.

My first effort appeared in an online editorial about climate change, a subject always ready to enrage coal-groveling Whackadoodles. Here's what I came up with:

Yeah, anyone who believes in climate change hates America and freedom and probably Jesus too. Science is stupid. So is the environment. I mean, if animals eat each other and go to the bathroom in nature, why should we care about it.

I'm kinda proud of that one. It's a little over the top but comes closer than you would probably like to believe to real things people say on line. As the late great Don Marsh, longtime editor at the Charleston Gazette, sometimes said, "Vox populi, vox wuffo!"

SPEAKING OF TROLLS, they'd really go off on this.

BLACK LUNG. Here's the next installment in NPR's series and more from the Gazette.

HE THINKS TOO MUCH. Such men are dangerous.


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