April 01, 2017

Holy trifecta, Batman!

One of the meaner bills going through the state legislature in WV is SB 60, which would punish poor people in need of food assistance, take millions away from local businesses and the state's economy, and cost taxpayers money.

The Gazette had a great editorial about it, which is worth a look. The paper also ran this op-ed of mine this week, recycled from blog posts here.

The bill is now before the House Judiciary Committee (contact information here). If you're from WV, please contact the committee's leaders, particularly Chairman John Shott. You can take make up your own message or recycle the first paragraph of this post.

For local folks, there will be a public hearing in House Chambers Monday April 3 at 10:00. Please go if you can. Sign up the hour before the hearing.

(As a bonus, here are some old Goat Rope reflections on the art of the public hearing in WV politics.)


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