April 03, 2017

Time to clear the palate?

There's a big dust up going on at the WV capitol right now over a medical marijuana bill. So far it's generating a lot of heat. (Did you notice I resisted the temptation to make a cheesy smoke joke?)

 Earlier today, there was a public hearing on nasty changes to the SNAP program. I was one of around 20 people who opposed it. The only one who spoke in favor was a paid lobbyist.

There are several bad budget bills floating around. Here's just one example from the senate.

I mostly just want things to be over.

If you just want a change from all that, in the most recent Front Porch program/podcast from WV Pubic Broadcasting, we talk about such burning issues as:

*Is it cool for public schools to teach little kids that Adam and Eve rode dinosaurs?; and

*What we think about Mike Pence's rules for having dinner or drinks with someone of the opposite sex.

WV Public Broadcasting also re-released a popular Front Porch program in which I attempt to teach the uninitiated how to speak Appalachian.

(The Spousal Unit noted an error I made in  the podcast while discussing cool forms of Spanish profanity in which I called a verb a noun. I usually don't make mistakes where profanity is concerned.)