February 06, 2017

Heads up!

It's understandable that a lot of attention is focused on the...stuff rolling out of Washington these days. But there's a huge threat at the state level and politicians of both parties talk about the need to slash the state budget, which has already been cut for the last several years.

Now it's even more serious. We're talking serious damage to the things that make life livable here..

There's no such need. They can easily raise revenue to protect schools, kids, seniors, higher ed, job training, parks, tourism, public safety and all that. It's a matter of choice.

I urge everyone in WV who cares about any of that to check out www.protectwv.org, learn about what's at stake, sign up to keep up and show up.

For West Virginians, this crosses divides. Whether you love or hate Trump, you probably know someone who goes to or works at a public school or college, have a favorite state park, go to a library, drive on roads, and care about public safety. Etc.

It's on. Now.

#protectWV #nofailedstate

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