January 08, 2017

Four for the road

The latest Front Porch program/podcast features an interview with Joseph Cohen, new director of the ACLU of WV.

A persistent problem. This AP news story is a variation on an old theme: the WV paradox of human poverty amidst huge natural wealth. I'm going to miss outgoing senator and former senate president Jeff Kessler, who is featured in the article.

Glad he noticed. I've been writing, ranting and blogging a lot about the fate of those who might be hurt by repeal of the Affordable Care Act and its provisions like Medicaid expansion. It was a pleasant surprise to see that conservative commentator Hoppy Kercheval share some of these concerns.

Next on the list to wreck: public education. This Gazette-Mail article about anticipated WV Republican legislative efforts to undermine public education was another downer, as if one was needed.

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