April 09, 2016

This is interesting

There's been some good news for working people this week. In Wisconsin, a circuit judge struck down that state's "right to work" law.  Here's some of what the Center for Media and Democracy had to say:

In his ruling today, Judge Faust found that the unions had “a legally protectable property interest in the services they perform for their members and non-members.” 

“When members pay their dues and non-members their fair share fees, all would say the union is building a treasury that it holds as property. When it expends those funds to perform services, as it must, no one would dispute that that money is the union’s property. Plaintiffs will be obligated to spend treasury—their property—on services for which they cannot legally request compensation. This is enough to establish that unions do have a legally protectable property interest at stake,” read the ruling, in part.  
I wonder if an argument like that could hold up here. Hmmmm....

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