April 05, 2016

Six years out

I'll probably never forget when I heard about the Upper Big Branch mine disaster. I was in Okinawa attending a karate seminar. It was the dream of a lifetime to meet and train with the greatest living masters of the traditional styles.

I think it was morning Okinawa time when I got a profanity laced email from my daughter, who was interning at a Charleston hospital then. Her email said something like "****ing Massey just killed a bunch of miners."

It was weird for something like that to happen at home when I was so far away, not that I could have done anything about it if I was there. This post was my first reaction. In it, I expressed my desire that the goddess Nemesis be swift to render justice.

I'm not sure about the swift part, but I'm hoping there will soon be a little justice to report.

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