April 10, 2016

Best birthday present ever

Many years ago, when I was new to the fight for social justice, and when I was neck deep in my first righteous fight (the Pittston coal strike), and before most of the hope for the universe evaporated, a very dear friend gave me a wonderful birthday present. It was John Prine's first album.

I had no idea who Prine was, but I pretty much burned out that cassette. I loved Prine first as a listener. Then as a budding guitar player (with four chords you can make it through quite a bit of his opus, no disrespect intended). Then as someone with something of a hillbilly accent, a distinct advantage when singing his songs.

The height of my experience as a tweeter, i.e. one who tweets on Twitter, happened when I referenced one of Prine's songs as a possible new official WV state song (title: Some Humans Ain't Human) and which @JohnPrine himslef liked.

When that happened, like Wayne and Garth with Alice Cooper in Wayne's World, I nearly hurled.

Anyway, all that is an overly long introduction to this link to a great NY Times story on Prine.

I just might tweet it after posting. And if he "likes" it, I think I'll just DIE!!!!

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