March 24, 2016

This could get interesting in all kinds of ways

The WV legislature spent a lot of time this session on...stuff. Some things it didn't get around to were minor items the state budget and the looming funding crisis of the Public Employees Health Insurance Agency, which provides health care to over 230,000 West Virginians.

Prior to the session, "draconian" cuts were planned, although it was hoped that some kind of fix would be worked out in the session. However, other urgent priorities, such as mucking with the constitution, making it easier for angry white men to carry concealed weapons, and the terrors of gayness took precedence.

Now, the cuts are back on the agenda. This is a loaded political issue that could echo through November if it doesn't get fixed.

On a more positive note, the Our Children Our Future campaign is urging political candidates to make kids' well-being a top priority.

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