March 21, 2016

Down dog

Edith crashing (photo credit Spousal Unit)

This blog has been sorely neglected lately. It was a combination of things, including:

*a brutal 60 day legislative session;

*Hell Day (when the time changes, robbing innocent people of a blessed hour of much needed sleep); and

*a mandatory staff retreat that entailed a 1000 mile car round trip.

I'm trying to lick my wounds, although I lack some of the abilities in that department displayed by some other residents of Goat Rope Farm.

HERE WE GO AGAIN. Session aside, WV's ruling class last week was engaged in another hissy fit over Hilary Clinton's unfortunate remarks about coal. In fairness to our ruling class,however,  leading national Democratic politicians seem to have forgotten how to throw their WV counterparts a bone every now and then.

In this climate it's nice to find some common sense. Here's what my friend Ken Ward had to say about WV's economic situation and what can be done about it at Coal Tattoo. It's also nice to see that the  Gazette-Mail's conservative editorial side has come around to the idea that WV should take advantage of federal initiatives to help the coalfields rather than just complain about it.

NOTE: I hear some people are not getting Goat Rope through email these days. If that's the case, I think you might need to resubscribe.

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