May 31, 2012

The nutmeg of (zombie) consolation

The Spousal Unit, also known here as La Cabra, is away from home for a few days. I am, needless to say, prostrate with grief. Darkness has covered my light and has turned my day into night.  All day I sit like Job on a garbage heap scratching myself with a potsherd and lamenting the day where in I was born and all that.

Or at least that would be the case were it not for a little solace sent by a merciful Providence. That would consist of watching episodes of The Walking Dead on Netflix.

I would write more about my desolation and desperate longing for reunion but I got some zombies to watch.

Oh yeah. And, I apologize to regular readers for neglecting to provide links and comments about the issues of the day, but zombies trump everything. And if I'm late for that 11:30 meeting tomorrow, I was up late watching you know what.


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