May 28, 2012

Memorial Day and troubled homecomings

As Memorial Day weekend runs down, I've been thinking about the troubles that await those who do make it home safely. For one thing, it has been reported for some time that around 18 veterans a day commit suicide.

For another, an unprecedented number of veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan are filing for disability benefits. The Associate Press reports that around 45 percent of recent veterans are filing for some time of benefit due to service related injuries, including PTSD and concussive injuries and a host of other wounds and traumas.

For another, a story on NPR which I can't yet find online also reported that one of the most immediate struggles for returning veterans is finding a job in a weak economy.

The people who served in these wars and those who love and care for them have been through a lot. And many of them who survived it are still a long way from really being home.

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