July 29, 2010

Ups and downs

El Cabrero just got back from a visit to the in-laws in Vermont. Every time I go, I try to take a side trip to hike up Mount Mansfield, the state's highest mountain. This year, I also wanted to see how little Edith Ann would do on the trail. She turned out to be a natural climber.

The trail I use is "only" 3.3 miles to the summit, but those would be headed largely in an upward direction. The trail starts out in the woods

but as you go up, the trees get smaller and smaller and give way to mostly rock. It's a bit like climbing up a demonic stairway built by ancient Greek Cyclopes. I had to skitter up lizard style at a few points.

The trail is such that it is hard to see just how far away and up there the summit is most of the way, which is probably a good thing.

Going down is less demanding on the legs, lungs and ticker but can be more dangerous. You have to make every step consciously to avoid a nasty fall. I'm not sure why I'm drawn to this mountain so much. It wouldn't be exact to say that I enjoy the climb--it kind of a pain at the time--but I enjoy having climbed it.

MISCONCEPTIONS about unemployment insurance are answered here.

NOT A RAVE REVIEW. Massey Energy CEO Don Blankenship was the subject of this op-ed in the Washington Post.

SOMETHING ELSE TO DENY. NOAA just released a report on the state of the climate.

"THE RECESSION GENERATION." Effects of the current downturn on children could be long lasting.

LAST AGAIN. El Cabrero's beloved state of West Virginia didn't come off too good in a recent ranking of states in terms of wellbeing.



Bob said...

Another reason to dislike this guy


Hollowdweller said...

Nice. What is the elevation?

Reminds me a bit of Cabin Mt.

How's the big dog?

El Cabrero said...

It's 4394. Arpizzle is fine. He didn't eat anybody important while we were gone.