July 28, 2010

Back in paradise

It's always nice to come back from traveling to find the farm still standing and most of the critters alive and well. I'm playing catch up now, but here are a few links that caught my eye lately.

GREED AND COWARDICE get the blame for the US Senate's failure to deal with climate change, according to Paul Krugman. And while I'm not always on the same page as globalization cheerleader Thomas Friedman, I think he was right here. At times like these, I really miss WV Senator Robert Byrd, who was probably the only prominent politician in West Virginia who would or could have played a positive role on this issue.

I don't find it particularly comforting to think that most people alive now will be able to see how wrong the denial industry is/was about this.

A GOOD FIT. Here's hoping Elizabeth Warren gets the not to head the new bureau for consumer protection.

ADIOS. This paper from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities recommends allowing high end Bush era tax cuts to expire.

PIGS apparently have complex emotions.


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