July 30, 2010

Rural crime ring busted!!!

A suspect was recently apprehended following a series of tomato theft and vandalism incidents in the vicinity of Goat Rope Farm. The unsub (that's crime buster lingo for unidentified subject of an investigation) refused to identify himself or to issue any statements.

Due to the absence of witnesses, formal charges were not pressed. He was, however, dropped off in the middle of a field about a half mile down the road.

SPEAKING OF FARMS, here's a dispatch by Michael Pollan on the food revolution.

CREATING JOBS. One provision of the Recovery Act has created hundreds of thousands of jobs nationwide in both the public and private sector.

SPEAKING OF WHICH, a new report shows the Recovery Act aka stimulus played a major role in the economic recovery.

DENIED. The EPA rejected petitions that denied climate change, as Ken Ward reports in Coal Tattoo.

HIRE THE LADY. Paul Krugman gives the Obama administration a friendly thrashing here and urges that Elizabeth Warren be given the post of the new bureau of consumer protection. Not that anybody cares, but I concur.


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Hollowdweller said...

Used to have a dog who hated turtles and would actually wait for them to pop their heads out and eat them off.

Always felt bad about it because here's a dog that is gonna live what, say 15, 16, years at the most (he lived to 13) killing something that could potentially live to 100 years??

Sort of the way I feel about logging. Stuff like pine and poplar that is fast growing and shorter lived that's OK but sort of feel like I don't have enough seniority on the earth to kill a 2' 150 year old oak.

Know what I mean?