December 28, 2009

The purpose-driven week

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El Cabrero has the feeling that a lot of people are slacking off this week. I know I am. While I am technically off, my overly developed (gasp) sense of duty compels me to continue posting.

Here's what's up: I am on a mission this week. The Spousal Unit is out of town for a few days. Of course I am prostrate with grief and all that. Indeed, it is only the fact that I have a higher calling that allows me to survive.

My calling consists of watching parts 1 and 2 of season 6 of The Sopranos. That's 20 episodes, give or take a few.

For some reason, the aforementioned Spousal Unit has refused to watch the series on the grounds that it is too violent, not that she's seen any of it or anything. I have tried to explain repeatedly that there's really not all that much violence in it, aside from people getting whacked. And what else are you going to do with a guy like Ralphie anyway?

I'm off to a modest start (only about seven episodes done so far). Whether I finish or not depends on the vagarities of chance, the US Postal Service and Netflix. But at least my life has a purpose.

I may or may not get through it by the time she returns. But what are you gonna do?

JUST ONE link. I told you I was slacking this week.



Anonymous said...

dont forget to let "the baby" inside and give him a few beers...

The EDG said...

I like your style, El Cabrero.

Hollowdweller said...

This is a difference the Pharmwife and I also have.

I am not a movie or really even a TV person unless it's something to do with music or a documentary.

I could probably count the fiction that I have read in my life on my hands.

The Wife on the other hand loves movies and TV and I always feel bad because I have almost no interest.

I'm sending her over with beer to your place!!!

El Cabrero said...

Anonymous, the little tiny baby is doing fine but I'm afraid if I really did bring him in, he'd miss out on his greatest pleasure (barking all night).

Hey EDG--Thanks and nice styling yourself!

Hollowdweller, La Cabra will watch other stuff (she tortures me with foreign films) but has an irrational prejudice against the Family. Tell Pharmwife I'd watch all six seasons again.

hollowdweller said...

That was my mom and dad's favorite show also!