June 16, 2008


Caption: Wu is all about non-dualistic thinking.

While perusing a little book on Buddhism, I came across a nugget on the perverse connection between dualistic thinking, morality and violence that's worth passing on:

...The fundamental cause of violence is when one is fixated on an extreme idea, such as justice or morality. This fixation usually stems from a habit of buying into dualistic views, such as bad and good, ugly and beautiful, moral and immoral. One's inflexible self-righteousness takes up all the space that would allow empathy for others. Sanity is lost...--Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse, What Makes you Not a Buddhist

Gee, wouldn't it be terrible if we had a national leader who has consumed by dualistic and self-righteous thinking?

THE RICH ARE DIFFERENT. Here's an item from Alternet on the new Gilded Age.

IF IT'S ANY ECONOMIC CONSOLATION, CEO pay is through the roof.

WHAT HE SAID. Here's WV's own J. Davitt McAteer on coal mine safety.

GETTING RELIGION ABOUT E.T. This item from Wired Science revisits the theological implications of extraterrestrial life (if there is any).

IT'S ABOUT TIME HE STARTED BLOGGING. Allow El Cabrero to present the musings of the Hermit, a wise old friend interested in science, spirituality, and the state of the world. I've been bugging him to do this for years.

SCARY RANDOM THOUGHT. What if terrorist sleeper cells in the US conspire to skew the voting in So You Think You Can Dance?


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