November 25, 2020

Finally...the good kind of weird

 I don't know about the Gentle Reader, but the news in the last month or so has really worn me out. It was weird, but the bad kind of weird.

That's why I was so grateful to run across this story about the good kind of weird, to wit a 10 to 12 feet tall three-sided metal monolith found out in the middle of nowhere in Utah. It's almost the best news I've seen since some asteroid near misses.

If some wild artist with a sense of humor and ability to delay gratification to put it there I'm OK with that. After all, in junior high during a UFO craze, a friend and I wrapped up in aluminum foil so we could look like space aliens and walked around on I-64 at night.

But I'm kind of holding out for some kind of truly bizarre. C'mon, 2020! 

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