July 24, 2017

Last chance?

Not to be too dramatic about it, but this could be the last chance to try to preserve health care for millions of Americans, including kids, seniors and working people. In WV alone nearly 300,000 kids are covered by Medicaid, which also pays for over half of births and around 70 percent of long term care. Medicaid expansion as of today covers around 171,000 West Virginians.

Last week, Senator Capito seemed to be standing strong. Today it's hard to tell. And tomorrow is show time.

What can you do? You probably saw this coming, but keep calling Senator Capito's offices (the more the  merrier) and say something like "Stay strong. Vote no on taking away health care from WV."

DC office:  202-224-6472
Beckley: 304-347-5372
Charleston: 304-347-5372
Martinsburg:  304-262-9285
Morgantown: 304-292-2310

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