June 30, 2017

Justice calls for justice

Here's another big "thank you!" to WV Governor Jim Justice for standing up for West Virginians and opposing the senate "health care" bill in the strongest terms. Here's part of what he wrote in a letter to Senators Capito and Manchin:

While the impacts outlined in the Congressional Budget Office report are cause for serious concern, the reality is things are worse than they seem. I want you to be fully aware of the impact the current legislation would have on the state we both love.
Since so many of our people count on Medicaid, any cut to Medicaid would destroy families in West Virginia. We can't put the 175,000 West Virginians who benefit it from the Medicaid expansion at the risk of losing coverage. The consequences would be beyond catastrophic.
In the face of our drug epidemic, fewer people would have access to drug treatment programs under the current proposal. As the  debate moves forward, I hope you and your colleagues will consider the fact that it will only make it harder to combat e the drug problem that's ravaging West Virginia.
And that's no BS...and you know this governor knows a thing or two about that.

The whole letter is here.

Happy 4th!

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