February 27, 2017

"They'd better start digging graves"

As I mentioned last week, a co-worker and I have been interviewing people who received coverage through the Affordable Care Act. Some of these got it at no cost through Medicaid expansion while others purchased it on the exchange. Some people were on oxygen, in wheelchairs, or both.

Again, the takeaway message was that even those who don't like some parts of the law or who have complaints about the cost agree on this: don't just take it away.

We had some intense conversations and lots of memorable moments, but one thing someone said stuck in my head: "If they get rid of it, they'd better start digging graves 'cause they're gonna be burying people."

Let's hope--and work hard to make sure--it won't come down to that.


MadAnne said...

I would be curious who those people voted for.

El Cabrero said...

Mixed bag, but yeah