February 25, 2017

A taxing question

The latest Front Porch program/podcast is about the proposal by the majority in the WV senate to replace the state's relatively progressive income tax with a regressive consumption tax. It's no surprise that I'm against it, for reasons mentioned on the podcast. I was pleased to learn, however, that my conservative counterpart on the program doesn't think it's a great idea either. You can get down in the weeds here.

Meanwhile, if you haven't already, click on Protect WV and sign up for alerts on the state's ongoing budget battles. Drastic cuts would adversely impact the quality of life for all West Virginians. We're talking jobs, roads, education and school services, higher ed, vocational training and workforce development, programs for kids and seniors, state parks, natural resources, and all the rest.

 Here's the action page. And, while we're at it, here's a budget calculator where you can come up with your own solution to balance the state budget.

This tax and budget stuff is a huge issue and one that could have as significant impact on our state as actions at the federal level.

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