November 23, 2016

A needless killing

I've been holed up lately trying to finish some projects and get clear of some deadlines. One thing I missed in all that was the tragic shooting of James Means, an unarmed 15 year old African American who was gunned down by a white man on Charleston's East End. As I write this, a vigil is going on in Charleston. This is one of too many acts of racism and violence going on across the country. Please hold his family and friends in your thoughts at this difficult time. This story isn't over yet.


Mary Wildfire said...

But I understand, continuing what seems like Charleston's trajectory of doing policing right, they rejected the guy's BS "I was afraid for my life" and have charged him with first-degree murder.

Susan J. said...

Thanks for the story, Rick, and the response, Mary -- I don't usually follow the local news very closely.

I was pleased that the Means family is urging people to let the courts do their job, and not inflame the situation through provocative social media posts...

I'm so sorry this happened, so sorry for the young man who was shot and his family. I'm also sorry for the white guy who did the shooting, and his family. He sounds like a deeply unhappy person, who lashes out violently at those who get on his bad side.

I just hope that all concerned will "model appropriate behavior" as to how the community works its way through the aftermath.