March 30, 2016

Bone deep

West Virginia's working people have definitely been in the cross-hairs of our Republican legislature.

First was passage of the union busting right to work for less law, which mostly effects workers in industry settings.

Then there was repeal of prevailing wage, which slammed workers on public construction projects.

In the spirit of inclusiveness, the failure of the legislature to arrive at a budget and come up with needed revenue makes it look like public employees are next.

The PEIA (Public Employees Insurance Agency) board didn't have much choice but to reinstate $120 million in benefit cuts that had been proposed before the legislative session.

It makes me wonder how all this will play out.

Meanwhile, could the war on workers have anything to do with this?

1 comment:

Hollowdweller said...

No wonder we have such a thriving bank and store robbery industry. No wonder we have a thriving black market drug industry.

WORK DOESN'T PAY in WV. People are working, but in the underground economy because the straight economy doesn't pay.