February 08, 2016

Three for a Monday

First, here's a link to the latest Front Porch, in which we discuss:

1.  the recent passage of right to work for less legislation in WV (short version: I didn't like it); and

2. the 2nd Chance for Employment Act, a decent bill introduced in the legislature that would allow first time nonviolent nonsexual offenders to petition the court to have their record expunged after 5 years. If passed, it would likely help lots of folks who made mistakes in the past to move ahead.

Second, here's a great op-ed by an old friend of mine about right to work for less, WV's toxic climate these days and the outside money driving it.

Third,by way of a pal,  here's a look at a weird cave dwelling Slovenian amphibian that people used to think was the spawn of dragons.

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