February 11, 2016

Another day in hell

Starting on a positive note, kudos to WV Governor Earl Ray Tomblin for vetoing right to work for less legislation as well as the repeal of prevailing wage. He had this to say about that:

“Foremost, I dispute that West Virginia needs a right-to-work law. The issue of right to work has been discussed for a number of years, but I have never had a company cite right to work as a barrier to relocating to West Virginia. We do not lack prospects. Our issues are best addressed by improving our workforce and creating new development opportunities. Since becoming governor in 2010, West Virginia has welcomed more than $10 billion in new investments and expansion projects. I do not believe West Virginia needs a right-to-work law, a law that would lead to little if any economy growth and may lower the wages of West Virginia workers.” 


“Last year, I worked with the Legislature to create a compromise on prevailing wage to help local communities by exempting projects less than $500,000 and to improve our state’s prevailing wage calculation. These new rates have been in place for less than a year – we need to give this new methodology time to work. We don’t need to pass bills that lower the wages of West Virginia workers and do little, if anything, to stimulate our economy.”

Alas, the framers of WV's constitution screwed up and left things so that a simple majority is all that is needed to overturn a veto.

MEANWHILE, BACK AT THE BAD IDEA FACTORY, the WV House passed the misnamed Religious Freedom Restoration Act. It was nice to see this op-ed by WVU's David Fryson opposing this backlash of bigotry.

AS IF THAT WASN'T ENOUGH, a coalition consisting of WV's ruling class and representative of the thriving pseudo-Christian Taliban are getting to work on gutting school science standards.

And why not--people have to be stupid to put up with this ****, right?

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