August 14, 2015

The "invisible hand" strikes again

Here's an interesting item from Forbes on the decline of coal. Some excerpts:

Blame it on Obama? No. Blame it on market forces, which have not just provided the tools to dig out shale gas but to also commercialize advanced windmills and solar panels. In lay terms, coal’s financial and political troubles are because the electorate wants cleaner air and water, which has fostered innovation. And national policy has fallen into place and enabled the evolution...
When the political campaigns begin in earnest, the “War on Coal” rhetoric will no doubt get ratcheted up. But if economic survival is, indeed, the underlying concern, the candidates may want to convince their contemporaries to attract investment in the country’s new economic engines, and to implement the policies that would help facilitate such a future.
HELP NEEDED ON IRAN DEAL. For WV readers, Senator Joe Manchin is considered to be a critical vote on the Iran deal. If you can, please contact his office in support of the deal. You can find his numbers here.

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