August 10, 2015

Prevailing skullduggery

There's been some interesting news regarding WV's prevailing wage controversy. First, a claim by Berkeley County Superintendent Manny Arvon about how much the school system saved without prevailing wage turned out to be total BS.

This BS was uncritically parroted by a number of WV politicians and pundits. I wonder if any will fess up? On second thought I don't.

Meanwhile, more evidence has surfaced that fringe benefits were intended to be included in the new prevailing wage calculation, something Republicans have recently tried to deny.

All this may sound arcane, but it's really about good jobs for local workers.

SPEAKING OF BS, the Beckley Register-Herald calls it in this editorial about the Common Core, a recent WV political football. Methinks some state leaders are against it because the president is black. The Huntington Herald-Dispatch also ran a good editorial on the topic.

COAL WHODUNNIT? The butler didn't do it, but the market might have.


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