January 17, 2015

Intelligent coal

I apologize for neglecting this blog lately, but I must plead health problems in the family and a crazy work schedule. The last post had to to with how the WV state school board embarrassed itself a while back by revising national science standards to question climate change.

As I've tried to explain to people from out of state, coal is kind of like God in WV, only more so.

Fortunately, the board, or at least a majority thereof, voted this week to keep the original standards. Here are some musings about that from the NY Times and Mother Jones magazine. And here's a little bit of snarky commentary from Wonkette before the board reversed itself.

The saddest thing is that right wing foamers here will probably beat up the board for doing the right thing, however belatedly.

As I've said here more than once, it's high time to change the state motto from the obviously outdated "Mountaineers are always free" to "You can't make this **** up."

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