January 13, 2015

Can't hardly wait

There has been lots of media attention to the WV school board's attempt to make science teaching standards more coal-friendly, the interest of the coal industry being the standard of truth around here. The truly great thing about all this is that the industry didn't even have to (or want to) show up at a board meeting to ask for or demand this change. It was just done.

Here's some coverage about this from the NY Times. And here's a certain friend of mine who happens to be a retired science teacher attempting to school the board. The lesson includes the subject of English as well...

Apparently, the board is going to revisit the issue tomorrow. One practically quivers with antici........pation.

Whatever happens, this is yet another reason why I have decided to devote the few remaining days of my life to changing the state motto from "Mountaineers are always free" (which seems to me to cease to apply when groveling becomes generalized) to "You can't make this **** up."

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