June 10, 2014

Food matters

Between road trips and mishaps, I have been a terribly inconsistent blogger. This post isn't much of an atonement but it's all I've got at the moment. Here goes:

Around the country, school boards are grappling with the decision of whether to expand free meals for students in schools with a high percentage of people living in poverty. This item on New York's deliberations and reservations was carried on NPR. It looks like NYC is skittish, although I imagine they'll eventually come around.

The program in question is the Community Eligibility Provision of the 2010 US Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act. WV became eligible for the program in the 2012-2013 school year and expanded it the following year. I've been working to encourage holdout counties into implementing the program. So far, at least one county school board has voted to do so.

You can read more about it here. The deadline to sign up for the program for the next school year is June 30.

MEANWHILE, BACK AT THE BOOK STORE, Thomas Picketty's mammoth Capital in the 21st Century has generated quite a bit of buzz and angered many worshipers of the market god. Here's a review by a friend of mine. Note how generously he fed the trolls.

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