April 15, 2013

Progress as endurance sport

This morning I find myself creaking around as I try to recover from two endurance events. One was a half marathon over mountain trails and the other was the 60 day WV legislative session. I'm not sure which one was more of a challenge.

There were some brutal spots on the trail and there were some really low points in the session, although parts of both were really good.

All this reminds me of an email I got from a friend as we commiserated on a good bill that got away due to the pressure from an unsavory interest group. I now quote it in full:

"Sleezebags always win in the short run. Good thing progress is an endurance sport."

Roger that.

JUST DO IT. Two op-eds recently appeared in the Gazette supporting Medicaid expansion in WV. Here's one that looks at it from a religious perspective and one that looks at it from the standpoint of women's health.

THE 99/1 PERCENT THING. Here's a timely call for tax fairness from a Nobel Prize-winning economist.


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