April 01, 2013

Poisson d'Avril

I think I've found the special purpose of my life. It will be to attempt to plant in West Virginia the French custom of "poisson d'Avril" or Fish of April. It is an April Fools Day prank which today involves sneaking a paper fish somewhere onto the body of unsuspecting people. 

Except I want to do it Old School style. That would involve sneaking real anchovies or sardines into the pockets, clothing, purses or other possessions of unsuspecting people. The smell would give away the prank sooner or later.

I can think of no greater contribution to the progress of the human race.

NOT A PRANK. Here's a great op-ed by Davitt McAteer and my co-worker Beth Spence about what has and hasn't happened in the wake of the Upper Big Branch mine disaster of April 5 2010.

PRISONS. And here's an op-ed by yours truly on WV prison crowding legislation.


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