November 17, 2012

Too pretty to kick

I always used to laugh at people who bought furniture for their homes but didn't use it because it was too nice. Ironically, I have found myself in a similar predicament with a heavy punching bag.

My old one died after absorbing millions of foot pounds of punches and kicks (and saving me from innumerable prison sentences). So I bought a new one. The problem is that the concrete floor of the garage is pretty cold this time of year and besides is strewn with all kinds of things that are unfriendly to feet. And while barefoot isn't an option, the bag is too nice to tear up with my trail running shoes. I supposed I could just punch it, but for a karate guy that is a bit like playing guitar with three strings.

Maybe I should just look at it a while longer.

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Anonymous said...

Buy a matching floor mat. Problem solved!