November 12, 2012

And the winner is...

If the throwing of ruling class hissy fits was an Olympic event, the competition would be pretty steep, especially when it comes to political posturing regarding the Obama administration's alleged war on coal. In all fairness, I'd have to say that the gold medal winner in this event would have to be Robert Murray of Murray Energy.

Murray made headlines before the election by hosting a 'pro coal' Romey rally in Ohio which miners were...shall we say...strongly encouraged to attend (to the extent of closing the mine that day). The latest stunt involved laying off miners because he was displeased by the election outcomes. The layoffs were accompanied by a prayer in which Murray lamented the American people's drift away from freedom to the Almighty.

It's too bad that miners and their families have to be pawns in his game.

(Note: El Cabrero is on the road using an expensive hotel computer which won't even let me post links. It's not too hard to find this story online however.)

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