September 05, 2012

Running motivation

Although it has taken an extraordinary amount of self control, I have managed to blog for several days without mentioning zombies. It was more than I could do, however, to refrain from drawing attention to a recent NPR story about a new kind of running event.

Called "Run for Your Lives," it involves a 5K obstacle course whereat runners are chased by by zombies. Or people dressed up as zombies anyway.

It's pretty popular. When the first event was held, 12,000 people showed up. People signing up for the races can choose to be either runner or zombie, although zombie is the more popular role.

Runners are not allowed to shoot zombies in the head or otherwise compromise their craniums, the preferred movie method of dispatching the walking dead. Nor are zombies allowed to eat runners, although they pursue them diligently if clumsily and can pull off special flags from the runners to show they could have caught them.

There's even an ap for it.

If my over-educated zombie obsessed daughter finds out about this, it's going to be on.

SPEAKING OF RUNNING, don't forget the yoga (just do it in a zombie-free area).

FEAR LESS by expressing it more.

A FUNERAL ALTERNATIVE? This NPR story about Zoroastrian funeral customs caught my eye. Apparently a shortage of vultures in India is causing problems. We seem to have quite a few here, however.


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