September 07, 2012

A leg up?

Some time back I reported that Arpad, our Great Pyreness and official Goat Rope Farm security chief, suffered from a broken leg. After surgery, things looked better until the bone apparently slipped apart.
It was bad. Real bad. Even a vet I know got queasy when he saw it.

The latest is another operation which entailed God knows how many metal rods going in and through the bone. He can get around amazingly well considering. He seems to be in discomfort although he's getting pain meds.

And getting through airport security is totally out of the question...

It's sad to see a good Pod down. It reminds me of the suffering of Aslan in The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. I'm also amazed and inspired by how brave and stoical he is.  But I'm hoping things will go better this time.


Anonymous said...

Hey, it's Beck. I'm so sorry this happened to Arpad. I wish we could do something more than wish him well, but we do wish him a swift and painless-as-possible recovery.

MadAnne said...

I hope he's better soon. What an ordeal!

Hollowdweller said...

I caught him on the streetcorner in Milton trying to sell his pain meds.