August 29, 2012

Two urgent items and then some

This blog was established to draw attention to the burning social issues of our day. I'm not sure what happened to that plan.

However, I would like to say thank you to everyone who has sent in good wishes for our Great Pyrenees Arpad, who, as reported here, broke his leg last week.

I am pleased to report that Arpad, perhaps more accurately referred to these days as Tripod, is doing much better. Last night he walked the perimeter of the Farm and barked at any and all nocturnal malefactors. Today he's gone farther and faster than ever on his walks and seems to be doing better all around.

The Pod abides.

Secondly, I received an email from the Spousal Unit. After reading this post about, among other things, Patrick Swayze's mullet in the movie Roadhouse, she wrote that his haircut was in fact not a mullet and sent the following link with mullet pictures to prove her point. After perusing the site, I still say Patrick was wearing one.

What do you think, Gentle Reader? When is a mullet a mullet?

This issue may not soon be resolved, but it does occur to me that Arpad might look good in a mullet. I know he may not like the cut, but then again he isn't very mobile these days. He should have thought of that before he broke his leg.

I THINK I'M JEALOUS. The Gazette ran this great story yesterday about a retired WV state trooper hiking the Appalachian Trail. He's almost done. That has always been a dream of mine, although the odds of it happening are pretty remote.

REWRITING THE GOSPELS.  What would Supply Side Jesus do?



MadAnne said...

A mullet wannabe, a baby mullet.

bobkitten said...

In the interest of the truth, I checked out both the mullet website and the Road House website on It took considerable time to check out the dozens of Patrick Swayze pictures and I can only conclude that the Spousal Unit is correct. A proper mullet is longer than the hair along the crown (and generally the sides).

Hollowdweller said...

Every guy wants to be called Tripod.