July 30, 2012

RIP runner ducks

It's always nice to find on returning from a journey that approximately the same number of animals are alive as there were when one departed. We've been lucky the last few trips, but this time not so much. Our two runner ducks, probably the cutest animals on the farm, were killed by a predator, possibly a weasel or skunk. Arpad appears to have been slacking.

Two other chickens died as well. Oh well.

TWO FOR THE FUTURE. I've often written here about how WV would greatly benefit by creating a future fund from mineral severance taxes to create a permanent source of wealth for the state. Here's an article on the subject and there is also a Facebook page I encourage you to "like" and check up on regularly.

FISCAL FACTS. I don't always agree with the Charleston Daily Mail's editorials, but this one is right on.

GOOD QUESTION. Why not end poverty?

GOT FIGS? Here's the latest edition of the Rev. Jim Lewis' Notes from Under the Fig Tree.


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