July 31, 2012

Good zombies

El Cabrero is a sucker for clever strategies. I am struck with amazement and often a little jealousy whenever I hear about people responding to injustices in creative ways.

I had that feeling again when a friend sent me this item, which describes a funny response to something pretty unfunny, to wit a hate group.

And not just any hate group but the Westboro Baptist Church, a gay bashing litigious group that even seems to give hate groups a bad name. When the group planned an action at a military base (they often target military funerals the same way they do mine disasters as examples of God's wrath for America's alleged toleration of homosexuality), local organizers decided to zombie the group.

According to this Huffington Post item, around 300 people showed up in zombie garb, far outnumbering the approximately eight members of the hate group.

Ordinarily, I think that the Westboro groups is so obnoxious that there is no great need to counter them.  I mean, they even embarrass homophobes. But if you're going to do respond, what better way than to zombie the hell out of them?



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