July 28, 2011

Garlic and me

El Cabrero is not God's gift to gardening. If anything, I'm more a walking talking bottle of human Roundup. However, for some reason this does not apply to garlic, a plant to which I seem to have some kind of karmic affinity.

While I'd prefer not to discuss the rest of the garden, I say with pride that this was a good year for garlic. I harvested our crop a while back and it looks like it will be enough to carry is through a good part of the year. This is saying something, since in this household garlic winds up in just about everything with the possible exception of breakfast cereal.

There is something about planting something just before the dead of winter and harvesting it just before the dead of summer that appeals to me.

BAD IDEA DEPARTMENT. Here are looks at two of them, including the Balanced Budget Amendment and the Boehner plan.

I'm getting pretty tired of this ****.


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Hollowdweller said...


Those look good! How did the potatos come out?

I like garlic for the reasons you mention. Most of the work you do on it is still when it's cool.

Asparagus is cool too. Cause it comes up every year and by the time it's really hot it's really lush and shades out the weeds so you mainly weed it in the cool.