May 23, 2011

Oh well

I guess the Rapture didn't happen as predicted. That kind of took me off guard given the uncanny accuracy of other predictions of the end of the world.

I would have been OK with it. I figure if I made the cut, most of my problems would be solved. On the other hand, if folks of the more fundamentalist persuasion disappeared, it would probably do wonders for the high school biology curriculum. Plus, my car has almost 300,000 miles on it and a free upgrade would have been kind of nice.

(By the way, a friend of mine passed on a suggestion late last week that a good prank would have been to leave pairs of empty shoes with dry ice in them in public places to freak people out.)

THE FIRST COMING. Here's Adam Gopnik on Jesus as an historical figure.

MORE REACTIONS to the Upper Big Branch mine disaster investigation report keep coming. Here's one from The Rolling Stone.



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Hollowdweller said...

That alternet article was SO right on.

I'm always saying if the gov't would strengthen workers rights and union rights there wouldn't be a lot of need for earned income, or health care for children, or food stamps for the working poor.

That the people could get those things for themselves from where they work by striking.

I remember when NOBODY would cross a picket line.

But nowdays the game is stacked against the workers, and the people don't know how to do it. Or don't want to take a risk.

I think the Wisconsin workers could have had a WAY better chance if they had actually struck.