May 26, 2011

Hey, it's worked before

Apparently the board of directors of Massey Energy came up with a time tested way of shifting public attention away from their less than stellar safety record: blame the black guy. According to Bloomberg,

Massey Energy Co. (MEE)’s management believed government officials, including President Barack Obama, conspired to destroy the coal producer, according to unsealed court records in a case related to a fatal mine accident.

Those wily Kenyans...

SO MANY BAD IDEAS, SO LITTLE TIME. Here's something on the latest bad budget idea to get consideration in the Senate.

A LITTLE GOOD NEWS. The Ryan plan to gut Medicare and Medicaid was voted down in the Senate yesterday. The Ryan plan was a factor earlier this week in the victory of a Democrat in a heavily Republican district in New York.

ALLIGATOR LOVE. The males "sing" when they want female companionship, making some weird noise with their backs that is too low to be heard. Don't try this at home.


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