April 11, 2011

Goats versus picnic tables

Don't bet on the picnic tables.

WHERE'S THE BEEF? Krugman takes the president to task again here.

TALKING SENSE. This op-ed by some friends of mine talks sense about taxes, budgets and deficits.

JAWING AROUND. A Kentucky coal miner found the jawbone of a 300 million year old shark 700 feet underground.

AUTHOR CHRIS HEDGES spoke in Charleston WV this weekend about the decline of liberal institutions.

UNION SUPPORTERS rallied at the state capitol Sunday as well. El Cabrero was on the way when the fan belt died in my old car.

BOUNCE BACK from stress if you want to live to be 100


1 comment:

Hollowdweller said...

El Cabrero,

Sorry to hear about the fan belt. Had I gone I was going to suggest taking my truck. I must have been physic ;-)

I too have felt the goat picnic table collapse.

I was telling the Pharmwife last night I'd like to have a couple of those cement tables.